How Much Protein Do You Need To Grow Your Muscles

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How much protein is a very popular question with many different answers. The USRDA (United States Recommended Daily Allowances) recommends 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight.   So if you weigh 152 pounds which is 69kg (152 / 2.2) you need to consume 69 x 0.8 = 55 grams of protein.

Note the USRDA is just recommended normal requirements because several body building studies have shown that protein intake must be higher than USRDA and those trying to gain more muscle need to can consume about twice the amount of USRDA.

Here is my caveat to all these calculations, it all depends on the amount of body fat you have and you should consume protein ONLY relative to your lean mass.   For example if you weight 180 pounds with 25% body fat, your lean mass would be 135 pounds which converts to 61 kilograms (180 ÷ 2.2) and  this lean mass number is what you should use for your protein calculations.

Now pay close attention.   There is no magic number for protein consumption and consuming more protein does not  necessarily mean increase in lean muscle mass.    Muscle growth is accelerated by movement so  you MUST properly train  your body to stimulate muscle growth.

In 1975 Dr. Alfred L. Goldberg and his colleagues of Harvard University made a startling but significant discovery.   **They found that if muscle was stimulated to grow it would grow despite lack of food, rest, growth hormone you name it period.  ** They worked with laboratory rats and found starving rats which were fed almost nothing but water - but exercised properly - showed unusual muscular growth.

Here is the  point  of this email.  Growing more muscles has little to do with what you eat and everything to do with training, so stop worrying too much about the exact quantities of protein and focus more on your training.   The most important ingredients your muscles need for growth are exercise and water.   So drink up and work hard

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