How To Burn Fat and Lose Weight Without Ever Working Out

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Tina Turner turns 69 on November 26th and yet she has a great figure and the legs any 30 year old woman would die for.   She is a grandmother multiple times over, but on stage she outlasts even the energizer bunny.   After an eight-year hiatus she is back taking her world breaking concerts on the road again playing 37 dates in North America and 43 in Europe.   That is a total of 80 dates.   Even the most seasoned performers are hard pressed to do 50 shows.

Sonia Murray from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution who attended her concert this past weekend said Tina is stellar as ever.   She wrote a column saying "Eight years after what was supposed to be her farewell tour, Tina Turner gave a show Sunday night that without qualification validated her return.The voice is still there.The stamina is still there.And those legs remain every bit the signature they were when Turner first electrified the scene some four decades ago."

This amazing woman just keeps going and going and she sizzles every time she is on stage.   So what is her secret of her eternal youth?   What does this woman with such vitality and is said to have the world's most famous legs do to get her and keep her in shape.

Let me quote her "I dance my little butt off"

Tina in her biography says that the #1 thing a person can do to improve their life is to take care of themselves by exercising regularly.   For Tina Turner dancing is it.   She might do a little Pilates (a recent phenomenon) here and there but she has been dancing for 40 years and she has the results to prove it.

Dancing is well known for its fat burning and weight loss effects.   A lot of the stars in the show "Dancing With The Stars" have shed a lot of pounds for example Marie Osmond lost over 40 pounds.   Dancing is a big calorie burner it's great for your heart, lowers your cholesterol, reduces your blood pressure and builds stronger bones while improving flexibility.   All this without ever going to the gym

My advice is hit the dance floor on a regular basis.   Most gyms have dance exercise classes or you can search for nearby salsa or ballroom classes in your area.   Start dancing more often it's the most fun you will have getting and staying  in shape.

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