How to Cope with Medical Sexual Misconduct

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Editor's Note: This story is part of the series A Plastic Surgeon Sexualized My ExamI underwent post-bariatric body contouring with one of the finest plastic surgeons in the nation. Let me be clear that he is not the plastic surgeon who sexualized my exams. Here is my story**.**** Final Thought**

Any time there is injustice it is a deep tragedy that fills me with sorrow. It is a truth that inequity and bias against women exists and it is a travesty. I am deeply saddened that so many women continue to experience overt or covert sexual assault. There is still so much deep healing and enlightenment that needs to occur within this country. Disbelief and misconception about sex offenders impair opportunities to intervene appropriately and protect victims physically and emotionally.

The surgeon touched me. He touched me where he wasn't supposed to touch me. And he got away with it free and clear. While he and his nurse, and my doctor remain neutral to my abuse and continue about their almost perfect lives, I have been forever changed.

I have come to accept that a man, a surgeon, whom I did not know had sexually and emotionally violated me under the ruse of a couple of medical examinations. I have come to erase from memory the feel of his touch upon the most intimate part of my body. But I cannot escape the feelings of being controlled and vulnerable, or disremember the intensity of his eyes as they pierced my soul each time he violated me.

Yet in the end, what tormented me most were feelings of inconsequentiality caused by being abandoned by my trusted doctor. And this callousness is something I shall never be able to understand.

I will conclude with a statement from Judge Frank Hazel during his ruling on a case of physician sexual assault. The judge's words capture my feelings: "I would imagine there is no more trusting relationship than between a doctor and a patient. It's one that the law has considered to be inviolate, so strong is it, and in an examination such as this, the trust that a woman gives to a doctor is supreme. And to have that trust violated is not only a crime, in my view, under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but a violation of almost everything that's sacred and decent."

You may learn more about Judge Hazel's ruling of this case of physician sexual assault that appeared in Philadelphia Magazine.

If you are in need of support, please contact RAIIN or TELL. RAIIN** deals with any sexual assault and** TELL** deals with physician sexual assault (particularly that by therapists).**** Living life well-fed,**** My Bariatric Lifee shareposts from MyBariatricLife on HealthCentral

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