How To Dress Your Age To Attract Men

Patient Expert

Let's talk about dressing, and let's talk about misperceptions.

I just got off of the phone with an interesting client of mine, and she sent me a few photos of herself. These are photos of her with her daughter. The client is about 47, and her daughter is about 22.

In all the pictures, the mother was dressed exactly like her daughter. Now, to the defense of women - there are a lot of clothes that both a 22-year-old and a 47-year-old can appropriately wear. But there are also a lot of clothes that are not appropriate for both a 22- and 47-year-old.
You do not want to walk around as a 46 year old Paris Hilton.

The mom had a cute figure - for her age, she looked fantastic. But she was dressed like her 22-year-old daughter And her daughter looked unbelievably better in the clothes that they were wearing.

Women often wonder why men always go for a new car instead of a used one. Here's why: if you're a woman that is dressing like a 20-year-old instead of looking like the beautiful, sexy 47-year-old who is embracing where she is in her life and wearing things that make her look fantastic, why would they go for the used model?

If you're dressing like a young woman, a man will see that, compare you to the young woman, and who do you think he'll choose? He'll always go for the younger one. That's what men do. Men are very visual.

It's like if a man sees a 2008 Mercedes and a 2000 Mercedes sitting next to each other. Even though that 2000 model looks really pretty and it's in great shape - it's shiny, and bright and nice - if he looks at the 2008 model and it winks at him and smiles, who will he pick? He'll go for the new car. Men will go for the new model every single time.

You need to dress your age. I'm not talking about looking like a grandmother, and I'm not talking about not wearing things that are sexy - but take a look at what you're wearing. Take a look at how much skin you are showing. Take a look at your body - what type of body you have now - and start dressing the sexiest version of you - for your age!

When I get dressed up, I don't wear things that my assistant (who is 18) would wear! I won't even wear the same things as Khiem, who is in his late twenties. He wears things that are different than what I wear. I'm not going to dress like him; I'm going to dress like a man - a sophisticated, fun man.

Just a little advice, because there are so many men out there that would really like to meet a really hot, beautiful, sexy, mature woman who takes great care of herself and is amazing in every way. You don't have to dress down to the 22-year-old level to attract men!