How To Get A Flat Belly Quickly and Easily - 5 Musts

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It's that time of the year when fitness related stories sell magazines like hotcakes and the question that tops them all is always about the abs.   Great news, reducing your waist size and getting a flat belly is simple but not easy and yes there is a difference between what is simple and what is easy.

Easy is unhealthy or expensive (lookup liposuction) because  there is really no quick and easy way to lose your gut. However it's really simple because it comes down to a combination of good exercise, nutrition and hefty dose of consistency.   The quicker you come to terms with this, the faster you will accomplish your goal of getting a flat and tight belly.

Cause Vs Result

My message is to stop searching the late night infomercials for the miracle gizmo that will give you the abs you have always wanted. Instead commit to eating more fruits and veggies, consuming less processed foods and reducing or eliminating sodas from your diet.   Getting a flat belly is not rocket science.   It's really simple; it's the discipline to stop eating too much and to choose to eat more healthfully.

Develop the mindset of successful people and recognize that reducing your waist size should not be the cause of your quest to look good, instead it should be the result of you getting healthy.

Seeing those abs is going to take a minimum of 6 weeks of hard honest work and someone who tells otherwise is lying to you.   There is effort involved and since most people are scared of hard work and are always in search for  shortcuts, publishers and fitness manufacturers are always happy to see their gizmos and magazines fly off the shelf.

Please stop being like me before I discovered GPS.   I used to end up wasting so much time trying to find a shorter route and could have arrived earlier, quicker and using less gas money if I just followed directions.

We have found the enemy and he are us" - POGO

I'm willing to put some money on the fact that this time last year you wanted a nice mid-section and chances are like most people it did not happen why?   You thought it was going to be easy, you tried it for a week or two then quit.   What about if you just stuck with it?   What kind of body would you have right now?   It's time to stop being the biggest impediment to you success and realize that consistency is the mother of results and if you want to achieve the body of your dreams you have to stop wasting your time looking for shortcuts and simply do what works.

To get that nice and tight mid-section you need to do two things, first lower your body fat and have low levels of subcutaneous (under the skin) fat and then develop your inner abdominal muscles called rectus abdominis. These are  the packs of muscle that extend from right below your ribs to the start of your hips.   Forget doing endless crunches or sit-ups working the abs does not burn any fat.  If you don't reduce the layer of fat underneath your abs, you will never see you abs regardless of how many crunches you do.  Here are the 5 musts


Burn more calories than you are consuming.   A good way is to use Food Fit's Calorie Calculator and reduce your calories to a healthy amount.

Must #2

Caloric reduction is not enough.  You actually want to eat MORE of the right foods.   The problem is many people eat way too much of the wrong foods (junk, highly processed and devoid of nutrition) and not enough of the right foods.  The right foots are whole type foods that are nutrient dense.  These foods have not been processed or not overly-processed.  The right foods are packaged by nature and not by the factory, which means you want to eat more of the foods that you can wash and eat such as fruits and vegetables and less of the foods that come in the boxes.

Must #3

Start building more muscle start lifting weights or doing more body weight exercises.   The more muscle mass the higher metabolic rate which means you burn fat all day long even in your sleep

Must #4

Cardio this can be anything like walking, running, or cycling.  I really don't care what you choose as long as you stick with it.   You can try interval cardio which is alternating periods of rest with high bursts in cardio for example walking for 4 minutes that running or sprinting for 1 minute and repeating the process for about 5 times

Must #5

You only need to hit your abs about 2-3 times a week, make sure you work all 4 parts of your abs.   Your obliques (sides) lower abs, general abs and your deep abs called the transverse abdominis these are activated when you work your body's core because they serve the function of keeping everything in place.

Simple yes and like most things in life it becomes easy when you start the process and develop momentum after sticking with it.

Health and Happiness

Kenn Kihiu

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