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5 Tips to Get a Fresh Start With Ulcerative Colitis

Supportive group of friends.
    Shawntel Bethea

    Shawntel Bethea


    Shawntel Bethea, also known as Shawn, is a health and lifestyle blogger and freelancer. Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis during her senior year of high school, Shawn now uses her story of strength to raise awareness, show there is life beyond a diagnosis, and empower others living with chronic illness to become partners in their own healthcare.

    Through her blog, Chronically Strong, Shawn gives an unfiltered view of what living with an autoimmune disease is truly like, sharing the trials and triumphs. When she’s not working, Shawn enjoys traveling and eating vegetarian pizza rolls! You can connect with Shawntel on: Instagram and Twitter @shawnbethea_, YouTube, and Facebook @chronicallystrongblog.