How to Teach Your Child About Asthma

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Asthma is a chronic disease. That means your child is going to have it, in all probability, for a good long time, if not forever. The good news is kids with asthma can enjoy active lives without limits, provided they take the right approach to their life. Knowledge is an important first step to getting your kid to take the right actions to keep asthma under control.

But with young children, you need to approach them on their level. You could do it on your own, but why not make use of some great tools available online? To help you get started, I've searched out a few helpful resources.

The Asthma Funbook

This printable workbook (PDF format) is found on the website from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA for short). It's designed for young children and offers word puzzles, a maze, connect the dots, coloring pages and more. Meanwhile, your child learns all about triggers.

AAAAI's Just for Kids

The American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI) has built a whole section of their site just for kids. Parents can order printed storybooks there, but you can also print puzzles and mazes or play interactive games about asthma triggers found at school and when camping. Older kids can even find school science projects they can do.

AAAAI's Tips to Remember series will also help parents who want to teach their kids about allergies and asthma on their own.

About Kids's Health

The About Kids Health website has a section just for kids about asthma. There are games and educational info geared to 3 different age groups. Although as an adult, I found the 5 to 8   year old game a bit hard to master, kids might not have the same problem You can view the site here.

"A Is for Asthma" From Sesame Street Workshop

Most parents are familiar with Sesame Street, the kids' educational show on PBS. Sesame Street and the Muppets teamed up with asthma experts to create a video and worksheets (among other materials) that help teach kids how to live with asthma. I found the video and worksheets to be entertaining and informative. Explore "A Is for Asthma" here.

Those are just a few of the online resources for kids with asthma. You can surely find more by Googling "asthma resources for kids". And don't forget the Breathless Bethany Buttercup book I reviewed back in May as well.