How’d They Get the ‘Blood’ in that Veggie Burger?

The Impossible Burger, from a Silicon Valley start-up company called Impossible Foods, is now available at a New York City restaurant—Momofuku Nishi. It’s the first restaurant to serve the veggie-based burger, which contains textured wheat protein, coconut oil, and natural flavorings.

The key ingredient is “heme,” an iron-containing molecule found in hemoglobin. Heme gives the burger a pinkish color and a taste that’s more like beef.

Fake meats are increasing in popularity. The food industry is looking for ways to improve their products as consumers learn more about the health risks associated with eating a diet high in red meat consumption, the effects of red meat production on the environment, and the issues surrounding the beef industry in general.

Image Credit: Impossible Foods

Sourced from: Popular Science, A New York Restaurant Is The First To Serve 'Bloody' Veggie Burgers