How far would you walk to burn off lunch?

If you've eaten at a fast food joint in New York City recently, you've seen the calorie counts prominently displayed on menu items, and maybe thought twice about ordering a double cheeseburger.  But what if next to the calorie count there was another number: a mileage number?  Research published in the journal Appetite found that women who are shown not only the calorie counts of menu items, but also the number of miles they would have to walk to burn off those calories, tend to choose much healthier options.

For the study, women who were given menus that had the number of calories, plus the number of miles they would have to walk to burn off their food, ordered meals averaging 826 calories compared to the 1,020-calorie meals ordered by the women who had no nutritional or mileage information on their menus. The researchers also found that posting the number of miles the person would have to walk to burn off the calories was more effective than posting the number of minutes they would need to walk.

Sourced from: Medical News Today, Menus Showing Miles Plus Calories Help People Choose Healthier Meals