Sex can make older people look younger

Sex after 70 is not a subject that comes up much in conversation.  But it should, according to the authors of a new study presented to the British Psychological Society.  Researchers found that keeping an active sex life into old age could be the key to maintaining a youthful look.  After examining the effects of having regular sex at old age, the authors found that staying sexually active can help preserve a person's youth.

David Weeks, who presented the paper, noted that having sex makes people happy, which is essential for a mental and emotional health balance. In fact, abstinence from sex has been known to cause anxiety and depression, He also cited a study conducted at Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which found that people who had an active sex life lived longer than those who didn't. Also, sex releases endorphins which act as natural painkillers, can reduce cholesterol levels and can brighten the skin and reduce a person's risk of dermatitis.

Weeks said that sexuality should not be exclusively associated with younger people, pointing out that sexual satisfaction is a crucial contributor to quality of life--ranking as high as spiritual or religious commitment and other moral factors.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Sex During Old Age Makes You Look Younger