Humira Or Infusion


Asked by Madeline Concepcion

Humira Or Infusion

Doctor gave me time to think about what I want which is the Humira injection or the infusion which is like a iv. I'm confused about all of this if someone can please give me an answer which would be the best one.



I haven't tried infusions, but I have taken injections for Humira and now Enbrel for about 3 years. I like the injections because it's quick and I can give myself the shot whenever my schedule permits that day. I have a lot meetings, etc at work, so scheduling doctors appointments for infusions just isn't as convenient for me. My doctor's office is also about 15 miles from my home.

But if you have a fear of needles or injecting yourself, then an infusion might be the way to go. I have no information on whether one method has a better response rate than another. Hopefully some folks who take infusions or have taken both can offer their experiences as well.

Good Luck

Answered by Christine Miller