Humira Or Simponi? Anyone Care To Share Their Experience With Either?


Asked by Vanessa Collins

Humira Or Simponi? Anyone Care To Share Their Experience With Either?

I am better on MTX, but the RA is progressing.   Sometimes I can only walk two blocks because my ankles throb.   Sometimes I can walk a quarter of a mile. I am exhausted all the time. I don't feel well at all anymore.   Doc says we have to have a "serious" discusion about taking a biologic.   She said she likes to use Embrel, but since I am prone to sinus infections, she is leaning toward Humira or Simponi.   She said to do my research and we will start down that road at my next appointment.     Any input welcome.     Thanks much, V


when I was reading your other comments I was wondering why your doctor wasn't going for Enbrel, as usually, rheumatologists will prescribe that beforethe others. Any of the Biologics can mess with your sinuses and in my experience, Humira certainly does, as well. Perhaps not as much as Enbrel, but I'm not sure if that's drug-related or because when I was in Enbrel, it was given twice a week as opposed to once a week or every two weeks. Still, Humira and it's every two week schedule tend to give your body more of a break between shots, which seems to help reduce the experience of side effects. Remember the water/garlic/pineapple juice regimen - don't just use it when you feel a sinus infection coming on. In my experience, it seems to work preventively, as well.

Answered by Lene Andersen, MSW