I To Hurt All Over. My Muscles Hurt, It Hurts To Squeeze Me Or At Times To Touch Me. Started When I Crashed And Burned. Couldnt Get Out Of Bed To Eat Or Drink. Barely Made It To The Bathroom.


Asked by divacynthia

I To Hurt All Over. My Muscles Hurt, It Hurts To Squeeze Me Or At Times To Touch Me. Started When I Crashed And Burned. Couldnt Get Out Of Bed To Eat Or Drink. Barely Made It To The Bathroom.

my jaw pops like TMJ. Went days almost a month without sleeping do to the pain. constipation and urination was difficult. confusion from lack of sleep and seeing things. lost 90 pounds in 5 months from not eating and drinking. went to doc for answers and help. because i am bipolar he diagnosed me with mental issues. When i was fine mentally. My vision was getting blurry and hard to focus. Do to the pain started getting tremors all over, hands were the worst. I am a massage therapist so it was hard to work. My back and stomach hurt so bad. After seeing the doctor, and him not doing anything to help but requesting that i go to the mental hospital. Out of frustration one morning went to med clinic where they examined me and did x-rays and found nothing, but after asking if i had mental issues requested that i check myself in to psych ward. Mentally i was fine but was frustrated with the pain and thinking they would help me. I did as asked. Was there 7 days and they took blood all 7 days, with no answers. Couldn't give much urine I was dehydrated and mal-nutritioned. they released me still ill. my doctor still after a follow up has given me nothing for the pain and is under the assumption that i have anxiety disorder. been in pain for 4 months and no answers to why. have the same issues as before. changed my eating habits do to high blood pressure. i make myself get up and do things, work is hard and lack of due to pain. the only depression i have is caused from the pain and lack of help and answers. now i fight to live and find out why. i love life and had a good one till this has occurred. at times my tremors are worse than other times. fustration has effected my relationships with my friends and family and they think at times it is mental, when i love life. but not the cards i have been dealt with now. my mind is clear but need answers. scared to go to doctor for he is fed up as well. was reading some of the other inquires and found mine to be somewhat the same. i want to feel normal again and not hurt so bad. want to not feel like i have been beaten with a stick all over. i breath for each day not to find out the answers i need. the bills keep coming in adding stress to me that doesn't help the pain but makes it worse at times. i take advil for the pain but does nothing for relief. seems as if you tell people you are bipolar that's all they think about, not the real cause. Please help. in desperation for answers and help. The pain in my hands and arms legs and neck are getting worse, its hard to close my hands with the shooting pain. i am trying to seem normal but ones close to me know. Its getting old to everyone including me. I am weak, having no strength. cant help with daily chores leaving things to do for spouse. Please help!


The first possibility that came to mind from the symptoms you describe is fibromyalgia. Of course, I can't know that for sure. Here is a link to our fibromyalgia section: Fibromyalgia

Read through the first few basics articles and see if you think your symptoms might fit the description of FM. If so, I would suggest finding a doctor who specializes in or at least has experience in treating fibromyalgia to see if that could what is causing all your pain and other symptoms. Here are links to a couple of directories of doctors who are experienced in treating FM:

National Fibromyalgia Association Healthcare Provider Directory

CoCure Good Doctor List

Unfortunately, once you have a mental health diagnosis, it can be hard for some doctors to see past that -; particularly if you have something like fibromyalgia that can be difficult to diagnose. Don't give up, though. You have a right to find out what is causing your pain. Good luck to you!

Answered by Karen Lee Richards