My Husband Blames Me For His Ed. Is This Right? I Am 15lbs Overweight.


Asked by Billie

My Husband Blames Me For His Ed. Is This Right? I Am 15lbs Overweight.

I am overweight by 15 lbs. My husband says that he is having a hard time having sex because of my weight. He is secretly taking Cialis. Is he right?


Hi Billie,

Being a big chick all my life, I find it difficult that your husband has a medical issue with erectile dysfunction because of your weight. Online sites like Health Central are great for getting the information you need to ask all the right questions of your doctor. That way your husband can manage his care the best. If your husband is having issues and concerns, the best thing is to make an appointment with his doctor to have a check up.

That being said, sometimes men do have difficulty because they are not interested in their partner. I am not saying that is the case with you and your husband, but it does happen. There is a condition called Situational Erectile Dysfunction that affects younger men. They can perform when they masterbate, but have difficulty achieving an erection with their significant others and wives. You can read more about Situational ED here.

I hope this helps some. It might be good for you and your husband to go to the doctor together so you can get to the bottom of the problem.

Enjoy and stay in touch and let us know how you are doing!

Vicki M