How Can My Husband's Cholesterol Level Go Down Without Medication?


Asked by Leelee53

My Husband Is 6'165lb Ldl Is 138 Total 212 Doc Want To Put Him On Meds Are There Other Ways?

My husband recently went to the doctor and got his results from his blood work. His overall total for his cholesterol was 212, LDL was 138 everything else was well in the range of what it is suppose to be. He doesn't want to go on medications so the doctor has given him 3 months to bring it down then the doctor will perscribe medications. Even if he was to be given the meds he wouldn't take them. We already eat a low fat diet. I don't fry foods and I buy the leanest cuts of meat. We eat fish twice a week and chicken two or three times a week. Pork is kept to a minimum and red meat is only eaten at the most 3 times a week. I keep fresh fruits and vegtables, when my budget allows, in the house. He doesn't eat sugar because I can't have it instead we have been using stevia or spenda. How can we bring his levels down without him going on medication?



Thanks for your question. Though your husband's results are just above normal, there may be other factors that his doctor is considering when making his recommendation. Does he have any other risk factors for heart disease? These include: family history of heart disease; high blood pressure; diabetes; and, smoking. If there are other risk factors, then the "normal" for you husband would be much lower. Doctors are very aggressive in treating elevated cholesterol, knowing that it is a major risk for developing heart disease.

Looking for other ways to lower cholesterol? Well, you've come to the perfect place. This website is loaded with information and advice on lowering Cholesterol. Please go to the "Manage" section above and click on each of the headings. There are informational sites on cholesterol, as well as dietary tips on improving Cholesterol.

Sounds like you're doing a great job in the healthy eating department, but a few tweaks would be helpful. Try to avoid all red meats. Avoid fried foods. Remove the skin off the chicken, and white meat is lower in cholesterol than dark meat. You can't go wrong with fish, as long as it is prepare in a way that is low in fats. A regular exercise program would also be beneficial for his cholesterol, which would increase his HDL (or good cholesterol).

Again, please utilized this website, and hopefully, your husband can avoid medication.

Best wishes.

Martin Cane, M.D.

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