My Husband Seems To Have Split Personality


Asked by sharon in nj

My Husband Seems To Have Split Personality

one minute everything is going good and within the blink of an eye he is starting with the kids ages 10 and 14, he goes from 45 to 5 out of no where, what causes this? I dont think this is nomal behavior, im tired of having to babysit him to make sure that he doesnt try to bully the kids.


Split personality is what bipolar used to be called, but it sounds to me like he might just have a huge problem with anger, for whatever the reason. My dad used to have a hairtrigger temper like that and, under the right conditions, it can still come out now, at the age of 83. He promised to get help once, but never did. I am still paying the price, personally, for all the terrorizing he did of us when we were kids. If he won't get help, you need to think about what this is doing to your kids and maybe start with getting help for yourself and/or them. I don't think my dad was/is bipolar, I just think he couldn't control his rage and I'm not sure he ever knew where it came from, but I have my suspicions. He was injured in World War II, for starters, plus got beaten as a kid, so you don't have to think too hard on that one.

I sympathize with your having to deal with this, but it sounds like you've tried for along time now and it isn't getting any better. Time to try something different, maybe? Best of luck to you, it's not easy, I know.