My Husbands Ldl Is 203 And He's Only 38


Asked by sheila

My Husbands Ldl Is 203 And He's Only 38

How can my husband lower his LDL? He doesnt eat bad and is within his proper weight.He had blood work done last year,how in a short time did it go up so high?

Were both very confused because he's so young.In the past 2 month his side{live?} has been very painful-could there be a liver issue?


Hi Sheila,

The liver is where cholesterol is "packaged" and released into the blood stream as LDL, VLDL, HDL, etc. Discuss your concerns with his physician.

To lower LDL levels go back and evaluate his diet for saturated and trans fats and replace these fats with healthier unsaturated fats. Use this link to learn more about trans fats and saturated fats.

Here are three options to lower LDL cholesterol:

Soluble Fiber

Increase dietary fiber, especially soluble fiber. Eat 25-35 grams of fiber daily and of this at least 15 grams should be soluble fiber. Research has shown that for every 1-2 grams of daily soluble fiber intake, LDL (bad) cholesterol is lowered 1%. Learn more here:

Dietary Fiber: 4 Tips to Lower Cholesterol with Fiber

Plant Sterols

Eat plant sterols everyday. Eating 2 grams of plant sterols each day will on average reduce your LDL cholesterol 10%.

Plant sterols occur naturally in foods at low levels, so some foods have been fortified. Here is the amount of plant sterols in some foods:

Avocados, 1 small 0.13 grams
Corn Oil, 1 tablespoon 0.13 grams
Sunflower Seeds, 1/4 cup 0.19 grams
Oat Bar with plant sterols, 1 bar 0.4 grams
Orange Juice with plant sterols 1.0 gram
Vegetable oil spread with plant sterols, 1 tablespoon 1.0 gram

Physical Activity

Also, inactivity can cause higher cholesterol levels. Increase physical activity to increase HDL and lower LDL levels. Check with your husband's MD before starting an exercise program if your husband is not currently active.

Here is a link to tips to change your diet to lower cholesterol.

All the best,
Lisa Nelson RD
How to Lower Cholesterol in 8 Simple Steps

Answered by Lisa Nelson, RD, LN