Can A Hydrocele Repair Later Effect Erectile Function?


Asked by kannstadter

Can A Hydrocele Repair Later Effect Erectile Function?

In the fall of 2005 I had to have an exploratory surgery to investigate the cause of a severly swollen right teste. I was living on a remote island in the Pacific at the time and there were no means of investigating other than an exploratory surgery. The diagnosis was a profoundly infected teste and anti-biotics were prescribed. The dosage was too low and too short and the infection recurred. I returned home to see a urologist and was prescribed a stronger course of antibiotic for alonger period of time. This time everything cleared up within a month. Another month passed and the swelling started again. this time it was determined that the swelling was due to fluid collection at the site of the infection. A hydrocele repair was recommended and performed in April of 2006. Since then I have noticed that my erections aren't as strong or as prolonged as they once were. I am 42 and otherwise very healthy, I maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime, I am not overweight and I do not smoke. I drink socially but not to excess. Could there be a link between the infection, hydrocele repair and some ED?

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It seems to me that hydrocele surgery and all the complications you had prior to the actual surgery should technically mean that everything that happened was local to the testes and therfore should not impact ewrectile function. That being said you should be aware that sperm numbers and motility could have been affected ( a separate issue). THAT being said. the only thing I would question my surgeon about is -how extensive was the surgery post these infections to deal with the actual hydrocele? A nerve called the pudendal nerve is often a "victim" during prostate surgery - hence the negative outcome of erectile dysfunction. Hydrocele surgery should not have involved going near that nerve - but it is a fair question to ask.

If that's not the case - I would get a work up for ED - there may be something else going on here worthy of exploration. Good luck.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.