Hydrocodone Apap 5-500-how Often Can I Take?


Asked by Kim

Hydrocodone Apap 5-500-how Often Can I Take?

Six months ago I broke my ankle and had surgery, yesterday I slipped on ice and broke my wrist the Dr. @ ER gave me a perscription for hydrocodone apap 5-500 at bedtime only. Is it safe to take it during the day every 4 hrs as long as I am not driving? When I broke my ankle I was put on vicodin every 4 hrs as needed. Taking the hydrocodone only at night is not relieving the pain and extra stength tylenol during the day is not working either. Thanks for the help


I'm not sure why your doctor would only prescribe it at bedtime, but I wouldn't take it more often without asking him. There are two main reasons: 1.) It contains a fairly large amount of acetaminophen and there may be something in your medical history that concerns him about that. 2.) If you take it more often than he prescribed, you're going to run out of the prescription sooner than you should. If you try to refill a prescription for an opioid or ask for another prescription too soon, there's a good chance you will be labeled a drug seeker and have trouble ever getting a prescription for opioids again, no matter how badly you may need them.

Try calling his office and tell him you're having a great deal of pain during the day and ask if you can take the hydrocodone more often or if he has another suggestion.

Answered by Karen Lee Richards