Hypochondriac Anxiety Or Herpes? Please Help


Asked by harasrellim

Hypochondriac Anxiety Or Herpes? Please Help

Hi. I have some questions about genital herpes and extreme anxiety. 2 weeks ago I found a bump on my genital area and freaked out about genital herpes. My boyfriend fingered me also and he said it smelled bad. So I did some research and thought maybe it was bacterial vaginosis. Then I found the bump and panicked because everything I researched said herpes. Turned out it was just an infected hair. I shave alot and it came to a head popped was full of puss and blood. Within the day it popped it was completely gone, no ulcer no anything. I was also concerned about a yeast infection so I got a one day otc treatment that you insert yourself. I had my period at the same time of this. I had some mild burning on my vulva and even anus and general discomfort. This all began to go away. I have bad anxiety I've even had to be medicated for it before. I still wasn't satisfied that I didn't have herpes and every minor pain I had I thought was due to herpes. I checked constantly for symptoms. I read every Internet site I could to learn every possible symptom. It's all I think about constantly because I'm so scared. I read somewhere that it can cause leg pain and for five days now I've had pain in my legs and buttocks. Tonight my arm started hurting on the same side my leg hurts. Instantly I thought herpes. I've had a few pains in my neck. Again I think herpes. Now my vulva burns and so does my anus and around my anus because I recently read that you can have anal herpes or internal vaginal herpes? I have no sores. I haven't ran a fever. No swollen lymphnodes. At this point I wouldn't be worried if I wasn't having leg pain (I'd probably find some other symptom). But I know it's possible that anxiety and being a hypochondriac can make you have symptoms because you believe you have something and you don't. Because it's all I think about and the more I read the more symptoms I had. My vagina smells off and on I haven't really had discharge since I took the otc yeast infection medicine. I've had a slight itch but nothing constant. I believe I irritated my anus by over wiping and I've also been going to the bathroom alot. Is it possible I have bacterial vaginosis and the otc yeast infection medicine made it worse and my anxiety is causing me to feel pain? Because I have no other signs of herpes. There are no sores. I don't even want to go to the doctor because I'm scared of what they will tell me. And there's literally no sores for them to swab. When I'm not thinking about it all, I don't really have symptoms. I go thru short periods where I think I'm fine and feel nothing to having panic attacks and feeling all the symptoms. This morning when I woke up I was fine and didn't really feel anything I was actually happy to see I was better and okay all along. Then the more I thought about the worse my symptoms got throughout the day. Right now I'm experiencing bad pain in my left buttock and left arm also a strong burning around my vagina and anus. I'm also stressing so bad about it right now because I can't stop thinking about it. I know I sound crazy. I feel crazy. But I hope someone who understands severe anxiety can help me out. I hope it's just me freaking myself out but at the same time what if it's not and I'm just telling myself that to make myself feel better? Also, once I go to the bathroom I am fine for a while. And my skin doesn't hurt to the touch it's just a general pain. My leg/arm pain doesn't hurt to the touch either it's just a pain! If it was a herpes outbreak would i have the burning/pain during the whole breakout or is it normal for symptoms to come and go through the day and sometimes stop a few days and start again?Someone please help me


Thank you for your question. I am not a medical professional and cannot diagnose a medical condition or give you medical advice. I can tell you that, based on what I have read about herpes, sores (bumps or lesions), usually appear within a few days to a few weeks after you contracted herpes. You have said you don't have any sores. (For more info: Genital Herpes: The Basics) It is possible that the more you research and read about herpes, the more you "have" the symptoms. This is easy to fall into. (For more info: Hypochondria and the Internet) I think most people have done this from time to time. That said, while you are worried about what the doctor might say, it is best to make a doctor's appointment and find out if you have herpes or if you are simply worried. If you do have herpes (although you don't have sores), it is best to know so you can start treatment. Please let me know how everything is. Eileen

Answered by Eileen Bailey