I Was the Barrier to Good Migraine Care

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Migraine doesn’t control my life anymore. When I do get an attack, it is quickly aborted. Losing days to Migraine is a thing of the past. Finding the right doctor helped, but changing my own attitude is really what made all the difference. For most of my life, I was the single biggest barrier to good Migraine management. The perfect doctor and the right treatments could not have happened if I hadn’t changed first. I needed an education and an attitude adjustment first.

False beliefs

Without really trying to look for good Migraine care, I blindly accepted that there were no resources available to help. I relied too heavily on my primary care physician, expecting him to have all the answers. It didn’t take long to reach the limits of his knowledge about Migraine. Instead of taking matters into my own hands, I settled for what was quick and easy. In doing so, I embraced the false belief that nothing more could be done. I got comfortable with the incorrect idea that I was out of options long before I ever tried a single preventive treatment.

Irrational fears

Because I believed the lie that Migraine preventives were dangerous, I rationalized that frequent attacks were preferable to the risks of preventive treatments. I had a very limited understanding of the treatment options. Misplaced trust in unreliable sources of information fueled my fears that pharmaceutical companies produced treatments that were worse than the disease itself.


I believed that I knew everything there was to know about Migraine. My mind was closed to new ideas, especially ones that required personal responsibility. Satisfied with abortive treatments, it never occurred to me that frequent attacks might be a problem. I shut down any conversation that might have offered new insight.


I chose to remain in ignorance rather than seek out real information about Migraine. Having been exposed to many health care providers who claimed that stress and my personality caused my Migraine suffering, I turned my back on the entire health care system. It was only when I realized that such frequent attacks were actually holding me back from reaching my goals that I decided to get educated.

Changing for the better

When I finally opened my mind to new ideas, I discovered that there were countless ways to improve Migraine. I wasn’t a lost cause after all. In fact, there were many things I could do to improve my situation. Getting better required taking personal responsibility. No one else was coming to rescue me. I had to find the solutions, hire the right doctors, and make the necessary changes to my own lifestyle.

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