I Went Clothes Shopping and "Oh....The Anxiety!!!"

Health Writer

Ok, I already know when  I go bathing suit shopping that it's going to be bad, really really bad.   what is with those lights and mirrors and tiny dressing rooms and...and...my body??? Seriously though, most women hate that particular shopping experience.   But  a new study shows that many women have even been brought to tears, shopping for clothes. ** The stress of finding things that fit right, and look right, and fit your budget, and simply put a smile on your face in the dressing room, can be extremely daunting if not anxiety producing**.

This new poll and survey  found that **when women shop, they are not only finding new outfits, they are also critiquing their bodies, and finding flaws...lots and lots of flaws.  ** Many of the participants said that they would never try on clothes in a communal dressing room (my mother used to make me shop Loehmans and let me tell you - the women go there to look at each other and "critique" - not just to shop).   64% of participants said they find shopping for clothes "bad for self-confidence."   And 10% said they have indeed cried.

The good news? About 41% of the participants said that after one such shopping experience** they decided to begin to work out and get in shape.**   Some other interesting statistics that came out of the poll:

39% said they have purchased something too small in the hopes that it would fit after they lose weight.

15% said they have actually ripped or gotten stuck in a "too small" garment

14% said they refused a salesgirl's help because they didn't want to state their size

So though many women view shopping as a truly enjoyable and uplifting experience, it can clearly cause stress and anxiety for others.   There is comfort in numbers, though, so this poll does help women to know that  this unpleasant phenomenon  is being experienced by many fellow women.  The message is to "work it out" and realize that we are not defined by our size or shape alone and we need to give that message to our kids as well.