I Wish

Marylin Forren

I wish that you could understand exactly how I feel. The stumbling way I act sometimes, is absolutely real. The way I talk, the way walk, the drooping of my eye. I wish that I could explain to you, but I really don't know why.

They say that I am faking it and just don't want to work. They say that I am crazy, because of the way I jerk. They think that I am on drugs, because I hide my eyes. Of I wish you could see exactly what's inside.

Because I stagger and slur my speech they think I am drunk. Because I stay fatigued and want to sleep, they say I can't pull my load. I wish you could walk with me down this lonely road.

They pain is real and the light hurts my eyes. Don't look at me with contempt and think I'm weak when I start to cry. I do not seek drugs when I go to the emergency room for relief. I wish everyone could understand the nature of my grief.

Please don't ask questions or offer advice I know you think you help and are trying to be nice. Just understand that I am sick with a disease that has no cure. Just take the time to look inside and know that I am sick.

I wish that there was some magic pill to take the pain away. I am not so lucky, so the pain stays for days. When I look at you through dazed eyes and really can't see. Through the haze that is my life when the pain comes to me.

I wish you could understand what I am going through. Just take a minute to stop and think. Through the Grace of God, it could be you.

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