Is My Immune System Compromised Because I Have Ms? If So Why?


Asked by linda roberts

Is My Immune System Compromised Because I Have Ms? If So Why?

In the past 11 days. 1st I had a yet another kidney infection which was treated with antibiotics before i finished the course (2 days left) i developed a simple head cold. Non MS folks who caught the cold at the same time are now recovered and I haven't. In Fact I now have a hacking dry cough and want to cat nap all day. Normally I am out all day either Hiking or on the allotment.


Hi Linda,

Multiple sclerosis does not cause a compromised immune system, nor is it caused by one. Unlike what you may read, many of the disease-modifying drugs are not immuno-suppressants either. (however, drugs such as methotrexate, cytoxan, imuran, prednisone, are.)

Do you have bladder issues? Urinary retention which could predispose you to bladder infections which can lead to kidney infections? in that way, MS can contribute to kidney infections.

Colds can be nasty buggers. But they really do last on average 10-14 days. If your cold has migrated, then it could possibly last longer. If you feel that it does move into your chest, I would definitely see the doctor. Bronchitis is hard to beat without medical help.

I started doing something last year which seems to help lessen the impact of colds. I will start increasing my already hefty daily dose of vitamin D in addition to vitamin C. I do this because I also know what my blood levels of vitamin D are and I know that in my case, it will not hurt me. The extra high doses of vitamin D at the first site of a cold is something which is more commonly done in Germany. Ask your doctor about that and see if it might be something for you to try. (but please don't just do it without knowing what your vitamin D levels are to begin with)

I hope that you begin to feel better soon. Get lots of water and rest.

Answered by Lisa Emrich