Longevity clues from bats?

Some of the most deadly diseases in humans have their origin in animals. But, in the case of diseases derived from bats, the bats themselves do not seem to be affected the same way humans are. Australian researchers who study bats suggest that the key to their strong immunity may lie in the way they learn to fly.

According to the researchers, flying is a pretty intense activity that requires the bats to deal with a deluge of toxic byproducts as they take flight. So, when bats learn to fly, their immune system also learns how to be extremely resilient, which is why the same diseases that harm us do not seem to harm them.

It is possible that further investigation into the way bats’ immune systems fight these diseases could provide insights into preventions and treatments of the same diseases in humans.

Sourced from: Live Science , Bats May Hold Key to Longevity