Immunization Rates Improve in Response to Reminders


Although immunization rates are rising in children and adults, optimal goals have not yet been reached and vaccine-preventable diseases remain a significant health problem. Therefore, finding new ways to increase immunization coverage – strategies to promote high vaccination rates – continues to be important.

Immunization schedules have become more complex in recent years, placing larger demands on primary care providers to identify eligible vaccine recipients and administer recommended vaccinations. Interventions in primary care settings – immunization registries and electronic health records, for example – can help and, according to an updated study published in Cochrane Review, one of the most effective intervention strategies is a patient reminder or recall system.

For this analysis, researchers evaluated and compared the effectiveness of different types of patient reminders and recall interventions using available studies conducted as late as January 2017. A total of 75 studies involving children, adolescents, and adults from 10 countries were used. The researchers determined that patient reminder and recall systems in primary care settings improve vaccination rates.

Sourced from: Cochrane Library