Inactive Brain Lesions


Asked by Wilma

Inactive Brain Lesions

I have been diagnosed with MS since 1995. Recent MRIs do not show activity in the brain lesions but I have symptoms. If the lesions are inactive, do they still cause problems?


Hi Wilma,

For of all it is a bit annoying, but lesions and symptoms do not always correlate. They can exist independent of each other or can line up perfectly in a causal relationship. But it might be easier to think of lesions as scar tissue.... scar tissue which can disrupt the nerve pathways. The brain works really hard at working around that scar tissue and often finds new ways to get the signals through. But sometimes this doesn't happen efficiently which may be the cause of symptoms even when the lesions are too small to detect. Lesions do not have to be "active" to cause problems and lesions may come and go without us ever knowing. It's all still a mystery at times but I hope that you find some relief from your symptoms.

Answered by Lisa Emrich