Inappropriate Uses Of Thorazine


Asked by chanteuse

Inappropriate Uses Of Thorazine

I have been told by someone that he used thorazine in his 20's (he is now in his 50's) as an illegal drug for a "high." As I am writing his memoirs, and he wants to include this information, I am wondering if this is medically accurate.


Hello chanteuse,

Frankly, I've never heard of anyone actually WANTING to use Thorazine for any reason if they did not absolutely have to. The side effects of Thorazine, which was one of the earliest if not the first of the anti-psychotics, are so troublesome as to render this "cure" worse than the illness at times.

I will ask around to find out if it is possible to get "high" from Thorazine, because Thorazine is like a tranquilizer that so zombifies some people that I don't see the benefit in having used it recreationally.

As well, you have to question who prescribed the Thorazine for him, and how he got it if a doctor didn't give it to him. I also haven't heard of Thorazine being bought on the street, like versions of Vicodin or Oxycontin are.

Again, I will ask around.



Answered by Christina Bruni