Inconclusive Mammogram


Asked by Dee

Inconclusive Mammogram

I had a mammogram a week ago, and I was asked to come back because the right breast has a area that is inconclusive. What does that mean? I'm scared to death.


Dee, don't worry about this call back. They are very common. Most of the time, the second set of images focuses in on a particular area and whatever questions the radiologist had are answered without further testing. I've been called back a second time so that a shadow on the mammogram could be checked out on ultrasound, which is better at identifying cysts than mammograms. Even if it does turn out that there is an area that needs a biopsy, most biopsies for breast cancer turn out to be benign. Of course, it's hard not to be anxious, but the vast majority of people who are called back for a second look do not have cancer.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson