I Had An Inconclusive Test. What Is It Really?


Asked by Lily

I Had An Inconclusive Test. What Is It Really?

i had what looked like a herpes outbreak with all the familiar signs, and was tested negative for the std. but every few months i experience itching, but no visible sores or legions. could this be something else similar to herpes?


Hi Lily,

Thanks for posting your question. Although I'm not a doctor, I do have herpes and think I can help you.

It is possible you have herpes but the test was falsely negative. Did your doctor take a look at your symptoms while you were having the outbreak? He/She should be able to tell by looking at the outbreak whether it's herpes. There are different ways to test for herpes, most of which are covered in my SharePost, Herpes Testing: How to Choose? You probably should get tested again, if only to put your mind at ease and get the proper treatment.

It's also possible the symptoms you're experiencing are caused by something else, like, for example, a yeast infection which share many similar symptoms. I wrote a SharePost about the similarities and differences between Genital Herpes and Yeast Infections which I recommend you read about. You may also want to read the Genital Herpes Symptoms page. If those links don't help you I recommend going back to your doctor at a time when you're having symptoms and discussing the other possibilities.


Answered by Penelope James