Incontinence after Prostate Cancer Surgery - How Long Will It Last?

Health Professional

Dear Dr. Motola,** I had surgery in Febuary of 2007 for prostate cancer. I have had incontinence problems since. When can I expect it to stop? (or will it ever?) Will another surgery of some type help alleviate this aggravation? Or are there other options I should be considering?**

Post operative incontinence can be experienced in patients who have undergone radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer. Improvement in urinary control can be expected to be seen for he first six months following this type of surgery.

However not all patients are completely dry after undergoing such surgery. For patients who are still experiencing some incontinence, various options are available. Some of these choices include the use of collagen, (a bulking agent that is injected within the urethra at the level of the sphincter), male slings and for the most exteme cases of incontinence, an artificial urinary sphincter.

Many good treatments exist for patients with post-operative incontinence. You should seek consultation with a urologist who can once again make you dry.