Increased Back Ache With Hot Flashes


Asked by Sophie_Mae

Increased Back Ache With Hot Flashes

I am seven years into menopause. In the last few weeks I have been experiencing an increase in hot flashes (almost feverish feeling) accompanied by lower back and hip pain. The back/hip ache is similar to what I felt during my menstrual cycle only much more intense. Just like during my monthly cycle, this ache increases/decreases throughout the day.

Is this normal or is it something I should be concerned with?


Hi, Sophie,

I'm not a medical doctor so I would suggest that you go on and check with your doctor to make sure everything is OK. I've not heard of anything concerning hip and back pain related to menopause. I have, however, experienced back pain and hip stiffness related to inactivity and sitting too much. I found that regular exercise has helped a lot.

Take care and keep us posted on what you find out!


Answered by Dorian Martin