How Can I Get My Infant To Sleep Through The Night?


Asked by cinsha

How Can I Get My Infant To Sleep Through The Night?

My 8-month-old son is unable to sleep through the night. He wakes up constantly -- sometimes even every hour -- and my husband and I cannot get a decent night's rest. Can someone offer advice on what to do about this?


Here are some suggestions for ways to help your son's sleep:

  • Cut out one of his naps during the day and see if it allows him to sleep better at night.

  • If your son is sleeping in the same room with you, move him into another room so he can begin to cope with his wake ups on his own. You could keep a baby monitor on low so that you are still aware of how he's faring in the other room.

  • Try timing his last feeding a bit later and putting him down just a bit later to see if that helps to put him into a deeper sleep.

  • Check his diet and make sure you are not giving him anything that would make him more awake, including caffeine in bits of chocolate or processed sugar in any solids he's eating.

  • Make sure he is not gassy or fussy from gas. This will make it more difficult for him to sleep.

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