Can My Daughter's Infantile Uterus Be Treated So She Can Have Kids?


Asked by lama

Infantile Uterus..could It Be Treated? Any Hopes Of Having Children?


My daughter is almost 18, she did not have menstruation yet, though sometimes she gets pain and slight discharge. On ultrasound the doctor said she has infantile uterus, and her FSH is slightly above normal boarders. Can this be treated? Is there any possibility that she can have a normal marriage life and get babies? I am extremely worried and would greatly appreciate ur reply.


Hi Lama

This is definitely a question that you need to ask your daughter's doctor. In researching this, there does not seem to be much information.

Here is one site where I found a question asked similar to yours. The doctor on this women's health site recommends that you seek out a specialist in reproductive endocrinology.

Write down all of your questions and ask the doctor to address all of your concerns.

Thank you for your question.

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