Infected Mole?


Asked by concernedinsyracuse

Infected Mole?

I have had this one mole on my forehead for several years. About four years or so, the mole came off and bled. Since then, every now and then I get what seems like a pimple underneath it. It doesn't hurt at all until I pop it (like a fool)... so now I have a painful mole on my forehead. It doesn't have puss anymore, it's clear. I saw a dermatologist last year and he didn't seemed alarmed but it's worrying me a little.


Most dermatologists would be concerned about a mole that has been "disturbed" so I would get a second opinion and at minimum have the size of the mole and condition documented (as well as a precise photo taken) and I would also consider just having it removed for peace of mind, since it is in an area that can easily be disturbed by rubbing (a headband, hatband) or exposed to sun and at greater risk - by it being a mole - of becoming cancerous.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.