Inflammatory Arthritis: Can It Cause Muscle Fatigue?


Asked by amiew

Inflammatory Arthritis: Can It Cause Muscle Fatigue?

I am a 38 year old female just recently diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis. My rheumatologist wants to wait for a specific diagnosis (he thinks it could be psoriatic or rheumatoid). Either way, my inflammatory markers were high and I'm having a lot of symptoms (similar to MS). I am feeling a great amount of muscle fatigue in my arms (mostly) and my legs. Is this normal with inflammatory arthritis? I am having trouble lifting my arms, writing, buttoning, etc. I also have joint pain, but it is minor compared to the muscle fatigue. It feels like I've been lifting weights and have hit "muscle failure". I am also having tremors/shaking. Is this normal?


Hello, Amiew,

We are not doctors here, but we can speak from experience w/RA and other autoimmune diseases. I have RA, and I have weak muscles, but I think that is mostly caused from years of not being treated, and not being able to exercise. I do have to take muscle relaxants when I flare because my muscles and tendons do cause a lot of pain. I also have Fibro, so that is another factor to consider. We have at least one member who has RA and MS. There are so many autoimmune diseases that can cause overlapping systems, that it takes a while to sort it all out. I'm sorry you are having these symptoms, but the quicker you get treatment, the better your outlook will be. Please feel free to ask anything you would like or write a SharePost about your experience. We are here to support one another.



Answered by Vanessa Collins