Inflammatory Breast Cancer?


Asked by koe

Inflammatory Breast Cancer?

So hi! I am a 19 year old girl and am worried about something. I recently recieved via email an email about IBC and well it wrecked havoc in me. I made a self-breast exam and thanks to a mirror discovered that I have like a 'rash' on both of my breasts it is more localised at the undersides of my breast (under the areola and towards the sides) is more like a tinge than a rash- pinkish. I still have acne (even on my breastts and neck) and I suffer from a condition referred to as chicken skin and is spread much around my body. Furthermore, my hair follicles are quite prominent on both breasts.

The rash- looks a lot like small pimples..something between chicken skin & acne but light...I can only see the redness with a mirror.

WHat worries me is that even where there aren't the 'pimples' there is redness..and the follicles are pronounced all around my breasts nearly (so maybe...genetical??)begenning from around the areola on both breasts.

Pls help..if it is cancer I want to make sure..and worrying like this till January will make me crazy! It's been 2 weeks already since I've been fretting :(

I went to my family doctor and ..he didn't even comment about any visible I don't know if he saw it or not and I was too worried to ask :( My next appointment with the ob/gyn is in January! And well..I don't know if I can carry on with these worries till january... :(

Also...maybe I should get a 2nd opinion from another doctor? Or go see another gynae? The one I usually visit is the best one in here! But thanks to that...he's full of appointments :(



Koe, reading this article about rashes and IBC may help you decide if your rash is one that needs the doctor's immediate attention. A rash that is on both of your breasts is unlikely to be cancer, and the fact that it is on the underside of your breasts makes it more likely that it will turn out to be a form of heat rash or fungal infection. Given your age and the location of the rash, I really think you do not need to panic about IBC. However, if the rash is itchy or gets worse, you may need a doctor to help you figure out the best treatment.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson