INFOGRAPHIC: Health Benefits of Drinking Tea


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There are many benefits to enjoying a hot cup of tea. Here are a few health conscious reasons why you should add a cup of tea to your daily routine.

Better Memory Researchers in Japan examined the brain-protecting effects of a special compound in tea called “Theanine”.  It  has a similar chemical structure to glutamate, which is a neurotransmitter related to memory. Other studies suggest, that a combination of theanine and caffeine can improve acuity and alertness.

Battles Cancer Green tea is known to protect against tumor growth. There is evidence that green tea fights against gastrointestinal and breast cancer. A  Japanese population survey suggested that green tea could help reduce the incidence of cancer. The effects were more profound in people who drank 10 or more cups a day.

Lowers Cholesterol According to the current research, oolong and black teas may also have cholesterol-lowering effects due to the presence of the catenin-type antioxidants within the tea. However, in some studies, these teas do not appear to work as well as green tea. This is probably due to the fact that these teas undergo a more extensive fermentation process than green teas.

Fights Flu A study conducted at Pace University indicates tea extracts and polyphenols have an adverse effect on bacteria that cause strep throat and other infections.

Improves Oral Health There have been many studies on green tea and dental health with many concluding that green tea extract significantly inhibits the growth and effects of several bacteria and that that can be helpful in reducing tooth decay and  gum disease.