INFOGRAPHIC - Understanding the Anatomy of a Migraine

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My Anatomy of a Migraine article is one of the most popular I've ever written, which is absolutely understandable. There are four possible phases of a migraine attack, each with a list of potential symptoms. Those of us who experience the prodrome and / or aura phases have found them helpful because they warn us of what may be coming.  Today, I'm really excited to share our new Anatomy of a Migraine Infographic with you. Erica Sanderson, our site producer, helped me pull together the information. Amanda Page, designer extraordinaire, designed the infographic. Whether you view it on your computer or print it, it's a great reference. Whether you're familiar with the phases and their various potential symptoms or not, you may find that you experience some of these symptoms, but never knew they were part of your migraines.  You can download the infographic by clicking on the image of it below.  Live well,PurpleRibbonTiny Teri1

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