Is it Safe to Use my Inhaler After it went Through the Dryer?


Asked by meshadixon143

My Inhaler Went Through The Dryer And It's Not Empty Is It Safe To Use


Hi MD, Unfortunately these little devices can easily get left in your pocket and sustain damage when they go through a washer or dryer. The fact that your inhaler was in the dryer implies that it was exposed to moisture in the process. Moisture can lead to clogging of the opening where the spray comes out, for HFA aerosol inhalers. Dry powder inhalers can also be damaged by moisture. I covered this topic in a Q/A posting previously: "Albutero ran through wash" Dryers typically go above the recommended temperatures for storing aerosol inhalers (between 60 to 80 degrees). You should call the manufacturer of your inhaler to inquire about getting a free replacement. Get the number either from the Internet by searching under its name, or call your local pharmacist. It's difficult for me to say if it is safe to use but going to the right source for more information may be of help. Good Luck! James T.

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