Insomnia Can Destroy Your Sex Drive

by Martin Reed Patient Advocate

If you are a woman and you feel that your sex drive has dropped, or if you are a man feeling that your partner’s sex drive has diminished, forget date nights to renew the spark. The key to revving up a woman’s sex drive is getting enough sleep.

And that's not just enough hours of sleep, but also quality sleep. A recent study that was conducted at the University of Michigan Medical School showed that women who had insufficient sleep, or poor sleep, had a drop in their sex drives.

Sleep also showed to have an impact in the sexual function of women. The study showed that women who were able to sleep longer are more likely to have next-day sexual desire and arousal.

Even just one hour of additional sleep increased the likelihood of engaging in sex by 14 percent.It has been known for a while that a lack of sleep affects the sex lives of women. Testosterone levels in a woman's body rise and fall during the day. Either poor sleep or lack of sleep can cause these levels to be very low. This in turn interferes with a woman’s sexual response. Getting enough sleep, and sleeping well, can do wonders for a woman’s hormones and sexual desire.

Of course, sexual desire and having a good sex life ultimately involves more than hormones and sleep. It requires having a close physical and emotional bond with your partner. If that is present and your sex life is on the skids, it may have led to you dealing with sleep issues. However both are things that romance and date nights won’t be able to fix.

Most people tend to ignore insomnia and not face it. However, when it has a negative impact on your sex life many do opt to address the issue. No two cases of insomnia and disturbed sleep are the same. Get to the root of your issue so you can get your life and relationships back on track.

Insomnia and interrupted sleep can impact all areas of the life – your emotions, mental health, and even your relationships and your career. If you are a woman who is dealing with insomnia or other sleep problems, or you are in a relationship with someone who is, it’s time to take back your life in all areas.

There are many things you can do in your quest to sleep better. From having proper sleep hygiene, to your diet and exercise regime, to using essential oils or over the counter sleep aids, or visiting a doctor or sleep specialist.

Martin is the creator of Insomnia Land’s free sleep training for insomnia. His course will help you identify the issues that are harming your sleep and teach you how to fix them. Over 3,000 insomniacs have completed his course and 96 percent of graduates say they would recommend it to a friend.


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Martin Reed
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