8 Instagrammers Who Get Real About Psoriasis

These #psoriasiswarriors are doing it for the 'gram—revealing all sides of their personal journeys with psoriasis.

by Kaleigh Fasanella Health Writer

When you have a chronic inflammatory skin condition like psoriasis, it’s so easy to feel like you’re completely alone. The reality is, though, psoriasis is a common and widespread condition—125 million people worldwide, to be exact—that’s slowly but surely becoming less and less stigmatized. And believe it or not, we partially have Instagram to thank for this, as over the last few years, myriad folks have started using the social media platform to share their stories, which in turn, has helped to raise awareness and shatter misconceptions surrounding the disorder. We’re shining the spotlight on these inspiring psoriasis warriors who deserve a follow from you on Instagram.

1. Holly Dillon, @getyourskinout

Holly Dillon founded Get Your Skin Out, a campaign dedicated to raising positive awareness for psoriasis, in 2015, and has since grown and fostered a community of amazing folks who get candid about living with the chronic skin condition. In addition to sharing unapologetic snapshots of herself in underwear and a bikini—showing off her spots in all their glory—she also encourages others to share their own #getyourskinout photos, too. If you ever desperately need a reminder that you’re not the only one, Holly’s feed is an excellent place to visit.

Fave Quote: “Yes, there will be bumps in the road, especially on our psoriasis journeys…but take it day by day…look at old moments and look at new moments, so you can be the best version of yourself.”

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#getyourskinout x @allure another photo from the amazing @emily.lipson ! This didn’t make it in the article but i love it and wanted to share ! • • When people ask me about #getyourskinout they say ‘I’m not ready to show my #psoriasis, i prefer to cover up.’ My response is always that is FINE do what makes you feel comfortable. • #getyourskinout is more than just about showing your #psoriasis Showing your skin is a result of the steps that come before which i feel are more important. Here’s what i think those are and what #getyourskinout truly stands for as a motto, a self reminder and positive action. These include: sitting with yourself and understanding how you feel about living with psoriasis or any condition. I say it again- how do you feel? We rarely set time aside to ask ourselves this question and figure out the root cause of things - what is contributing to a flare- what emotion, what action, how do we feel when we have one and most importantly how can we rise and feel empowered to overcome. #getyourskinout is about building your supportive tribe who can pick you up, keep you informed and most importantly help you living with your condition. You cannot do it alone. As my therapist once said to me ‘Holly, you can’t always be superwoman and do it all, let some people in.’ I think about this statement everyday and truly believe she helped me open up to start this campaign to share, find comfort and to not feel alone living with psoriasis. #getyourskinout is about taking action and fighting for your narrative and who you want to be. Living with a condition means you have to fight - to educate and redefine. #getyourskinout is about self reflection. You have to put the time in, give to yourself, be kind to yourself and be patient so change or resolution can come where needed. • As the wonderful @kaleighfaz who wrote the @allure article eloquently phrased and quoted my rambling words: ‘By being open and vulnerable, you’re inviting people into your world to understand you, and at the end of the day, nothing will beat that.’ • • So #getyourskinout and strive for more, because you deserve it. Article link in bio. Read & share.❤️

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2. Lianne Hunter, @fixmypsoriasis

Lianne Hunter is another psoriasis-positive blogger who actually helps Holly Dillon (from above) plan events for Get Your Skin Out. Together, the dynamic duo is on a mission to raise awareness, build community, and break down the existing stigma that surrounds psoriasis. Lianne’s feed is filled with an array of inspirational quotes, photos of her “leopard” spots, and thoughtful updates on her journey living with the chronic illness.

Fave Quote: “Despite the…unpredictability of the condition, I wouldn’t change it for the world. #Psoriasis has made me strong, resilient and understanding. It’s made me appreciate that beauty comes in many shapes, sizes and forms.”

3. Reena Ruparelia, @psoriasis_thoughts

As the same suggests, Reena’s account is dedicated to her personal thoughts and feelings when it comes to the ups and downs of living with a condition like psoriasis. She also frequently shares skin-care tips that have worked for her and makes detailed highlights so that you can go back and watch her stories whenever it’s convenient for you. The best part about Reena’s page is she’s always honest and vulnerable about what she’s going through—even on the worst of days—and maintains a positive outlook that encourages her 8,000+ followers.

Fave Quote: “I’ve had better days and I will have better days. This I know for sure.”

4. Ashley Featherson, @spottiettoohottie_

After years of hiding behind heavy makeup and modest clothes, Ashley Featherson finally started believing the people who told her how beautiful she is—psoriasis spots and all. Now, she’s totally open about her condition and shares photos of her skin all the time to raise awareness and show others that it’s okay, too: You can 100% have confidence with psoriasis. Her bio reads, “My Skin, My Logo: Love Yourself or Nobody Will,” which is definitely advice we could all use in our lives, skin condition or not.

Fave Quote: “There’s beauty in being different.”

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“I keep that water on me like a pool” 💦

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5. Stephanie Shepherd, @cyapsoriasis

Stephanie’s account is dedicated to her healing journey and chronicles the emotional rollercoaster of having psoriasis. She shares tons of advice regarding what has worked for her as far as diet and lifestyle goes, and she also encourages having a positive mindset, too. Additionally, she’s one to follow if you’re a beauty lover, as she’s always testing and talking about skin-care and wellness products she loves.

Fave Quote: “The reality is we all have bad skin days, no matter which skin condition you may be suffering with. Psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne, rosacea etc. It’s really easy to get down and out about it. Remember it’s also healthy to feel those emotions and at the end of the day, there will be light at the end of the tunnel for you.”

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As you’ll probably know, #psoriasisawareness and #getyourskinout are banned from Instagram. People have reported our photos and the whole online psoriasis community is feeling down today. It takes a lot of courage for us to share these images on social media, it even takes a lot of courage to go in public with your psoriasis on display and now, our photos don’t meet the Instagram ‘guidelines’. As I mentioned in my previous post, more than 125 million people WORLDWIDE have this skin disorder. Still, a lot of people haven’t heard of it and get shocked by seeing these marks on our skin. We have all been stopped in the street/ in public by someone we don’t know and been asked “what is that on your skin?” - how do you think that feels? There isn’t that much awareness around the disease. How can we raise any awareness if we can’t use simple hashtags such as #psoriasisawareness or #getyourskinout etc (I’m waiting for more to be banned because that’s the way things are going). I get that this might not be the prettiest picture to look at, it’s not what you see in a magazine or on TV but it’s real, it’s open and it’s honest. This is a reality for millions of us and all we’re asking for is to be given the same respect as every other Instagram account out there. Instagram, please don’t block our content, it’s discriminating and disrespectful. (Also, for those thinking the hashtags might be working again - if you click ‘recent’ you’ll see they aren’t) #psoriasis #psoriasiswarrior #psoriasissucks #cyapsoriasis

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6. Poppy Challinor, @thegirlwithpsoriasis

UK-based Poppy is a huge supporter of the Get Your Skin Out movement, and like her peers, is documenting her journey with psoriasis on Instagram in hopes of raising awareness and fostering community with others who have it, too. Her positivity and realness are a breath of fresh air—that, and she’s helping to show people it’s okay to be vulnerable and completely yourself on social media, that your skin doesn’t define you. She’s also great at engaging with her followers, always encouraging them to leave comments and share their own stories in the comment section.

Fave Quote: “Psoriasis is as beautiful as the smile on your face.”

7. Jassem Ahmed, @jassem1

This Londoner documents his travels, his food finds, and his life with psoriasis via photos and video (check out his YouTube channel). As of late, he’s shared the ups and downs of his experience with biologics. You’ll appreciate Jassem’s no-holds-bar take on living with the chronic condition as he reveals the head-to-toe progress—or lack thereof.

Fave Quote: “Sometimes life throws amazing people at you.”

8. Krista Long, @pspotted

Sharing bits of her life—days curled up on the couch with a good book, days out with friends…her wedding day!—and how she does it all unabashedly while not trying to hide her psoriasis. She said it best in one of her first Instagram posts: “Psoriasis is not a sentence or handcuffs that chain my wrists, it is a freedom to love a part of me I was chosen to battle.”

Fave Quote: “My body is a map. On display my world filled with colonies of strength, confidence, and perseverance. There are some lone islands home to shame and silence, but they are slowly being swallowed by the sea that is love. My body is a map.”

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