Intal Inhaler Is Being Discontinued. What Is A Good Replacement?


Asked by cac

Intal Inhaler Is Being Discontinued. What Is A Good Replacement?

The Intal Inhaler is being discontinued. What is a good alternative to this inhaler? Some have suggested Tilade but that has been discontinued as well. I have been using this inhaler for years. I mostly use it before exercise, before going up tons of stairs or walking far, going out in very cold weather or on bad hot humid heavy air days. I am sorry to see it go. It doesn't work 100% but it does help enough! Hope someone can help. Thanks!


Intal was once a top line asthma therapy for treating inflammation and preventing asthma and it was very safe. In fact, for about 15 years I used it. In fact, I used it way back in the 1980s when it had to be taken with a spinhaler which has been obsolute for quite a few years now.

With the advent of newer asthma wisdom, and the advent of medicines like Advair and Symbicort that are better at treating inflammation and equally safe, Intal is no longer considered a top line asthma therapy. Intal works rather well, but you may find that trying medicines like Flovent, Advair, Symbicort or Singulair may work even better than Intal at managing your asthma.

Personally, while Intal worked great for me for years, I find that Advair works much better.

At least now you have some options you can discuss with your physician. For more information, here is an excellent post you should read.

Answered by John Bottrell