Intense Itching And Sense Of Restlessness Over My Whole Body In The Evening


Asked by alice

Intense Itching And Sense Of Restlessness Over My Whole Body In The Evening

I itch every evening terribly - my whole body, and it's like a restless leg feeling - but over my entire body. I have allergies and take lots of meds. Right now I am on 60 mg/day of prednisone and albuterol nebulizer every 4 hours to ease my asthma exacerbation. This itchiness happens in the late evening every night and is not releived by benedryl r other anti-histamines, even is happening while I am on the prednisone. It sometimes feels like gnats are biting me, but there are no gnats around. I call it the heebie jeebies - I have this restless leg feeling, but head to toe only in the evening. Total body itch, inside out and out. Every little hair onmy body stands up and makes me itch even more. Is it MS or something else. I had one episode of optic neuritis and vertigo 40 years ago. I am now 57


Hi Alice,

I can't possibly attempt to figure out the source of your itching or determine if it is MS or not. I'm just a patient. But the itching and other strange sensations sounds alot like peripheral neuropathy or nerve pain. I get this, my uncle with diabetes has this, people with other diseases have this. It is not a disease itself but a symptom. Both my uncle and I take Neurontin to combat this particular symptom.

I recommend that you discuss this with your primary care doctor. Bring in a list of all of your diagnosed diseases, all of the drugs you are taking, and all of your current symptoms and changes of symptoms since the last time you saw him/her. Sometimes drug interactions can cause side-effects which resemble things like peripheral neuropathy. Only you and your doctor working together can figure this one out. Good luck.

Answered by Lisa Emrich