Internal Breast Itchy By 18 Year Old


Asked by Rejoice

Internal Breast Itchy By 18 Year Old

My 18 year old daughter has just complained to me of INTERNAL itchy left breast NOT ON THE BREAST BUT INSIDE and says the itching radiates to her left arm making her real uncomfortable. It has been on for about 3 weeks. Please what do I do


Most breast itching isn't dangerous, and although it is annoying, many times doctors can't figure out what is causing it. Most of the time, it eventually goes away on its own. Your daughter is very young to have heart problems, but when medical people hear about pain "radiating to the left arm," they often want to check out the heart. That's why I think calling the doctor would be a good idea. Itching deep in the breast can be one symptom of a rare type of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer (IBC), so watch to see if swelling, redness or skin dimpling develop. If she had IBC, she would quickly develop additional visible symptoms. Except for the possible heart issue, this sounds like a situation where it would be OK to watch and wait a little longer to see if there are changes related to her period. It might help the doctor diagnose the problem if the itching is most intense right before her period and subsides a bit afterwards.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson