Interview w/ JMIAH, Type 1 Diabetic & Fitness Model

Patient Expert

Howdy howdy. Below is an interview with Jeremy Williamson, also known as JMIAH - (see his biography here!). Along with having had Type 1 Diabetes since he was 13, JMIAH is a competitive Fitness Model and has won many a competition over the past few years! And you can check out his website:

GINGER: To be a fitness model, I would think your nutrition & exercise has to be really fine-tuned in addition to have diabetes. How did you begin learning about all of this in order to maintain such low bodyfat and manage your diabetes at the same time?

JMIAH:'s really a conglomeration of learning so much over the years, but mainly by learning to listen to my body talk. So many people take pills, this that and another but never understand that you body reacts to things and you need to know why. When you have pain, don't just take a pain reliever, find out where it's coming from. Pain is how your body speaks to you, too.** truly answer the question I began learning because I had a dream to have a fit body. So I started with whatever I had and just kept trying to learn more and more; However, I'm STILL learning and working hard to obtain the body I want!! I've never been at 5% bodyfat. The lowest I've been is 7.5%, but I'm working on it now!
GINGER: Do you count carbs?

JMIAH: Yes I do... Each day is different, just depends on what I'm doing that day. :) However I just started using a device called the Track 3 Diabetes Carb Counter and Planner. It's a neat little PDA device that you can take with you and log all sorts of information. It will help you with restaurant eating and setting Blood glucose goals and such. If you wanna see one, they're at I personally recommend them for diabetics.** ** GINGER: Do you eat "perfectly" all the time?

JMIAH: HEEEEEEECK NO!!! What's perfect eating?! You tell me?! Haha I try to utilize food to be FUEL for my body, not pleasure. However, I will have pleasure moments, too!! I like those! Lol. One cheat meal won't hurt you just as much as one workout won't really help you... It's a cumulative effect! Get it?**** GINGER: Hah, I like that last line! I've worked with many people who expect to see results from two weeks of exercise. It takes a lot longer than that!** ** So, what do you do to prevent/manage low blood sugars during exercise?

JMIAH: I try to make sure I keep my blood sugar in check and I keep something on me always. I've had episodes at the gym where I bottomed out, but thank GOD I had something to get it up. It's a continual struggle, but preparation is what it's all about. I heard someone say once,  "The more you seat in preparation, the less you bleed in battle."**** GINGER: Hah, nice. Or "Measure twice, cut once!" :) How do you keep injection sites, etc. from leaving too many marks on your skin before photo shoots?

JMIAH: Well, injections don't bother me unless the needle is dull! LOL, so that's why it's always good to use a fresh needle if you're shooting in the same area frequently. It's always a good rule of thumb to at least be over an inch away from your previous injection.
GINGER: What is the hardest part about diabetes for you?

JMIAH: Well, I don't have a pump because I've opted to stay with injections for now... But the hardest part I'd say is really just the maintenance of keepin up with everything. Other than that, it's just life and if someone doesn't like it... Oh WELL! Haha, I am who I am and I'm gonna do my best with what I have!!**** GINGER: Well, said! Thanks, JMIAH.**

For more from JMIAH, check out his website: