Introducing Dr. Isaiah Pickens as Social Ambassador

Health Professional

The healing process can be a roller coaster ride that twists and turns expectations—making it difficult to find your way to a place of wholeness. My name is Isaiah Pickens, Ph.D., and my passion is to help people navigate the roller coaster toward healing. Approximately one in five adults in the U.S. experience mental illness in a given year, and one in five youth experience a severe mental health disorder during their lifetime. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I have the opportunity to help individuals and families develop the skills necessary to recover from mental health challenges.

In my current position at the UCLA National Center for Child Traumatic Stress, I travel the country working with schools, hospitals, jails, foster care agencies, and families to better understand the impact of life stress and trauma on our jobs, relationships, and communities. A common theme often arises: People learn the resilience they possess with the right type of support. The stories of triumph that emerge from some of life’s most difficult situations have inspired me to pursue an innovative approach to mental health education by using multi-media to tell these stories and share the lessons learned.

_It’s the potential for these stories to heal that makes my role as a Social Ambassador and Health Expert with Health Central so exciting. The lessons I’ve learned as a clinician treating clients, a friend supporting those close to me in need, and a human managing the stress of life are embodied in the stories that we share on our recently launched Facebook page and here among the Health Central community. I hope to continue adding to this rich community by reflecting the essence of healing: Live BOLD. Live NOW. _

Dr. Isaiah Pickens is a leading clinical psychologist committed to bringing hope through healthy living using the most compelling, scientifically grounded and entertaining tools in mental health. Whether providing a keynote address, workshop, training, or an answer to a simple question, he is here to help you achieve the best version of yourself. Learn more at www.iOpening