I Have Inverted Nipples With Tiny Bumps, And A Little Discharge. Is This Normal?


Asked by jessie16

I Have Inverted Nipples With Tiny Bumps, And A Little Discharge. Is This Normal?

I'm 20 years old, and have had inverted nipples since I can remember. They also have itchy, whitish bumps on them. Sometimes I also have a little white discharge. What causes all of this?


If your nipples have been inverted since you can remember, then this is normal for you. While inverted nipples can be a breast cancer symptom, this is almost always when it happens with just one nipple; and when it happens suddenly.

Please read our post on nipple discharge; it might help you identify the source of the discharge you're experiencing. Hormonal fluctuations that happen over the course of your menstrual cycle can result in this type of discharge. If the discharge was happening from one nipple; was dark/rusty colored; and happened without squeezing, then it could be a sign of infection, or some underlying condition. But what you describe isn't a typical breast cancer symptom.

We all have tiny bumps on our nipples; these are oil glands, which help keep the nipples soft and supple. If these become irritated - say, by using a new shower gel or laundry detergent; or by a bra that doesn't quite fit right - then they can begin to itch. Please read our post on nipple issues for more about this.

At 20 years old, your chance of having breast cancer is tiny; read more in our post on breast cancer and women under 40. So, everything points to all of what you're experiencing as quite normal. However, if you feel very stressed about it, best to see a doctor, to set your mind at ease.

Answered by PJ Hamel