Is It Irritant Contact Dermatitis Or Really Herpes??? Please Help!!


Asked by Left Puzzled

Is It Irritant Contact Dermatitis Or Really Herpes??? Please Help!!

My husband and I have been in monogomous marriage and have been for several years. Neither of us has ever been in the high risk categories for any form of STD or ever had any symptoms of an STD. Just a few days ago, we had intercourse with KY Jelly for the first time due to vaginal dryness. Within a few hours I had a large rash that burned and felt macerated on my inner left buttock. I thought I had an allergic contact dermatitis from the petroleum and applied OTC ointments (Desitin, Lotrimin, etc). Much to my dismay, the rash on my left inner buttock became unbearable and I went to a walk in clinic today because I was unable to get an appt. with my PCP. I was absolutely floored when the PA told me it appeared to be HSV-2 and drew lab work. You can only imagine how I felt, especially when I told my husband. We are both left very puzzled with this diagnosis. Is it possible I have been misdiagnosed and actually have a Staph or yeast Infection/Impetigo/or dermatitis??? I am mortified as I am a Advanced Practice Nurse and have always taught health promotion and STD prevention and practiced health behaviors! I do not get my blood test results until tomorrow afternoon. A culture or PCR was not performed. Pleasse help with some advice as I am left just totally shocked! I do not have blisters after 4 days, no vaginal or anal symptoms, the rash is bright red, papular hard lesions under the skin resembling an allergic reaction/hives. Please help me with some much needed advice on what to do from here. I know its difficult without actually assessing the rash, but I am at my witts end not knowing......the wait until is tomorrows call is driving me insane. Thank you.


Thank you for your question.

I am not a health professional and am not able to give you medical advice.

I know it is hard to wait for test results, but, as a nurse, I am sure you realize that a first "guess" diagnosis is not always right and your lab tests could come back negative. Because the rash appeared immediately after using the lubricant, it is possible you are experiencing an allergic reaction.

As far as STDs, the herpes virus can remain dormant for many years, some people have herpes and never get any symptoms. While you and your husband may not have been in a high risk group for STDs it is possible that one of you had herpes for many years without knowing.

I wish you the best and hope that your tests come back negative and any allergic reaction is quickly taken care of.


Answered by Eileen Bailey