Irritation Of The Penis


Asked by Robert

Irritation Of The Penis

I'm a forty-five-year-old male. After having sex with a female, I started having irritaion to the tip of the penis, twelve hours later. What is this irritation or discomfort?


I am not a doctor and can't diagnose you over the internet, but the irritation has to probably have something to do with the skin being overstimulated. Some guys are just more sensitive. After sex I would possibly consider applying a cool compress to the tip for a few moments and also gently cleanse the tip.

I know some women who have to "wipe down" immediately after sex to avoid having irritation or even frequent vaginitis.

Just get in the habit and see if it helps. If the problem persists, see a doctor for a full examination.

Best of luck!

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Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.